Photoshop experiment three

On my final and third attempt at learning something new on Photoshop I decided to do some more general editing. In this case I took a dark and underexposed portrait of myself and edited it in order to fix the exposure and make it look better.

DSC_0041DSC_0041 edited


Software Seminar

We have been given the task of looking into a piece of software that we want to become more familiar with and what we want to develop more skills in. We have been asked to carry out practical work in this software over the coming weeks in order for us to develop these skills.

I have chosen Photoshop as the software that I’m going to look into over the next few weeks. This is because although i have used Photoshop before, it is still something that I’m not overly familiar with and i would like to develop my skills here a lot more as i feel like this will help me with future work.

Research report

We have been given the task of creating our research question that we will have to carry out and research into. The aim is to produce two presentations, one posing our question and our intention, and the second posing our results and conclusions. This will be all summed up in a final poster design at the end of the year.

For my question I’m going to look into how noise can be reduced through camera settings and i will carry out an experiment to show my findings from my research.


In today’s session we were allowed to go out and take some practice photos for our chosen competition or client briefs. The aim was to help us gather ideas for when we were going to perform the actual task in the coming weeks.

During this session I assisted Alon with his prototyping for his brief as i wasn’t prepared for the session due to missing the prior one. I helped his prototyping by modeling for some photographs that he was going to practice on and edit ahead of his real shoot, photographing models wearing a clothing brand.

note- I later did this session in my own time and took some photos of Nottingham in order to do my own prototyping ahead of my own shoot.

Final Group Meeting

Today our group got to meet for the last time before we present our campaign tomorrow at the Broadway cinema. We used this time to see what everyone had done so far and to offer any criticisms or last minute tweaks to our work. I felt our group worked well with giving critiquing and giving back feedback, and it was very helpful and beneficial for our work. As it’s always good to have a few opinions on what you what you are producing.

Overall I believe that our group could’ve worked a lot better together in this project because there was a huge lack in communication and attendance to timetabled sessions that could’ve massively helped with our work, especially in the earlier days of producing our thoughts and ideas. Next time I would ensure that communication levels are maintained throughout the whole process in order to keep the group on track and to know what work everyone is doing, and to help with feedback. And to also ensure that every group member had an equal amount of work to do, as i feel like i could’ve put more work in if i was given the opportunity to do more.

Nottingham Castle

Today we took a trip up to Nottingham Castle since our assignment is based on it, it made sense to go and see for ourselves what the place has to offer to it’s visitors. Whilst we were there we also got to the opportunity to have a seminar with Heather, who will be working alongside us, and the developments going on at the Castle. She offered us a lot of information about the castle and what they hope to achieve with the new developments and the educational schemes. This was very informative and gave us the opportunity to ask any questions that we wanted in order to help with our ideas.

Seminar with Alex

In today’s session we had a guest seminar by a past media student who now currently works for makermet, a Nottingham based media and marketing company. He presented us with a small lecture on his approaches to crowdfunding that was very helpful to us as a group as it was very detailed and informative of what to include and what not to include.

After his presentation and brief discussions with each group, he set us a small task that got us thinking about potential donators through the use of creating characters and what their incomes, hobbies, interests are etc in order to help us gain some perspective. This helped us as a group to think about who our audience were and how we would go about aiming this campaign towards them.

We also had a group discussion about what roles we were thinking about taking in the project, this however was not set in stone in today’s session, but will be explored thoroughly over the next couple of days so we know what we all have to do and what our roles will be.