Photoshop experiment three

On my final and third attempt at learning something new on Photoshop I decided to do some more general editing. In this case I took a dark and underexposed portrait of myself and edited it in order to fix the exposure and make it look better.

DSC_0041DSC_0041 edited


Taking Out A Camera…

After the workshop on portraits I decided to take out a dslr camera from the Waverley store to practice taking portrait shots.

Due to being fairly busy that week I was unable to set up a proper location to take some photos, so instead took some practice shots at home. This proved to be difficult due to poor lighting but I made do with the surrounding settings. I ended up producing a shot that I really liked. I decided to make this photo black and white because I believe it helped to improve the terrible lighting conditions. The main improvement I would make on the photo is to make the photo less flat by editing the models hair and making it more exposed to help give the shot more depth.

To improve on taking portrait shots next time I would prepare a proper and suitable location where I would be able to further experiment with different shots and techniques and improve the lighting conditions.hpOJami2