Photoshop experiment two

On my second attempt at using Photoshop to ‘touch up’ my images I decided to try something different and attempted my first attempt at changing the hair colour on a portrait. I did this by following a written tutorial that had images to assist. This allowed me to produce a first attempt at re-colouring, which wasn’t the best attempt, but is something I can improve on as I practice more with Photoshop. Here are my results- As you can see it is bit untidy and this is something I need to work on to make it look more natural in the future.


Shooting for competition brief

Today I went out into Nottingham to take some images for the competition brief i have chosen by the Young Creative Awards. The brief wanted images of Nottingham as a ‘future city’ and so i went out with the aim of collecting images that reflected my own interpretation of this meaning. I focused on capturing images that showed developments that were currently occurring in Nottingham in the present day, as this is what my creative intentions were for the project.

Software experiment one

For my first experience with using Photoshop I decided to research some basic ‘touch up’ written tutorials, which is tagged under this section on the page to the right. I came across this PDF with some helpful walk throughs of some basic editing tools. In this case I decided to use the healing tool on this woman to remove some blemishes and wrinkles and brightened the image in order to give the woman a more natural and youthful look.

I am happy with my first attempts outcome of using some of the basic editing tools. As I experiment more with this software I aim to create much better edited photos and to experiment with different tools to see what kind of outcomes I can come up with that will hopefully help me to develop my skills much more.

In this photograph I used to the healing tool and the image adjustments section to help brighten the photo by changing the exposure and the contrast and editing the colour slightly.

Research Poster

Today I started working on my research poster. Creating a poster on Photoshop is something that i have not attempted before so this is something that i am finding to be challenging. In order to help me with my poster i have looked at some written tutorial articles in order to help me and to also help develop my skills on Photoshop.

I mainly started by sorting out all of the information that i wanted to put onto my poster, and what layout i was aiming for. I began to create the poster and created the layout.

As a first attempt i think it went well with the assistance of the tutorials, and this is something i hope to develop as i can carry on with producing my work.

Placement- Mansfield Folkhouse

Today was the first day of our placement that was taking place at The Folkhouse in Mansfield. This is a youth center where the organisation we were working with is located in Mansfield. We were working with a Nottingham based charity called The Young Carers, who offer help to young children who have a family member that suffers with a physical or mental ailment that they have to care for. The programme offers the children the opportunity to interact with other children who are similar to them and to participate in events that take them away from these extra responsibilities that they face at home.

I worked alongside Michaela, Ben and Kyle on this project with us all photographing and filming the children taking part in one of the event days they offered. Michaela and I focused on the photography aspects whilst Ben and Kyle focused on the filming.

This offered me the opportunity to participate in photographing a real life event which is experience that i am currently lacking so this made for invaluable experience.

Today I did struggle with the equipment that i was using as i really struggled to find settings that would help to better the poor lighting in the venue. I also struggled with the choice of lens (18-55ml) as i feel a wider one would’ve been a better option for this event. If i were to do this again i would ensure that i had appropriate equipment for the event and to make sure that i am more knowledgeable with the camera i have chosen to use to make adjusting the settings easier.

Assignment Ideas…

Today we had a session in The Hive to help us generate and elaborate on our ideas for the assignment. We had the opportunity to talk to some members of the hive to help us alongside our work and to offer any advice and support. Later in the session we had to present our ideas.

Myself, Jon and Michaela were the only ones to turn up out of our group which made the session extremely difficult especially with Michaela having to leave early due to a prior health appointment. Nonetheless after Michaela left, me and Jon continued to put together some ideas and plans on behalf of our team. We generated some good ideas, but there is still a lot of work to do. It would’ve been a more efficient session if the whole group was there to contribute, as we were left with a lot of work to do, and we had to assign roles without anyone’s input into their preference.

In future sessions it could be improved with more members of the group showing up and contributing, otherwise their work will be assigned elsewhere.

Here are our notes from the session.


Final Group Meeting- The Final Touches

Today we met up as a group for the last time before we pitch our presentation and campaign tomorrow. The whole group attended with the exception of one person who didn’t appear to the meeting. We had many discussions about what we had recently done and what we needed to do to get to a place where everything was finished and ready for presenting.

As a group we went through the presentation together to show what Nathan and I had put together. The group offered some alterations and small changes to get it to a standard we were all happy with. We went through each slide individually and said the positives and offered any changes. I felt that as a group we worked well going through the presentation together as we all had similar opinions on what we wanted it to be. Benji was also going to add some research in that he found to do with the audience and our reasoning behind that target audience. Some feedback was also given on the video and a minor change was left to change- the spelling of Derry Shillitto. The only thing that is currently left to do on the presentation is to add screenshots from those who had been editing and designing to webpages and logos.

In my opinion today was a successful day in terms of attendance to the group meeting and our ability to work well with each other and accepting criticisms. In the future I would like to improve on reducing any distractions whilst working and try to focus on the task at hand in order to make the most of the session.

the group going through the presentation together.