Blog entry 2 (Research/Conceptual)

When it comes to conceptual ideas in relation to my work I don’t do a lot of research into what I’m doing unless it involves technical aspects. However the most common thing I do when I’m given a project and I’m drafting ideas, I usually come up with an idea, and then research into certain aspects of it. For example, one of our first projects was portrait photography. When I was thinking about my initial ideas, for inspiration I looked at other artists work to help me finalise what I wanted to do. However during the year I have improved on these skills and now look more into conceptualising my ideas. On my latest project, I have looked at other artists work, I have also looked at what audience my project should be aimed towards in relation to its context and have also thought about how I want my final designs to look.


Skills Audit


The intention for the design project at confetti studios was to eventually film and edit two songs and an interview of a local artist from the area. During this project one of my roles on the night of filming was setting up the cameras and lighting equipment that would be used to film the artist. But my main role was being on the roaming camera, which was the only one that wasn’t static. My other main role was going through all the footage and editing it to produce a seven minute video composing of 2 songs and an interview. Some of the skills that I needed to acquire for this project was the ability to use the editing software to edit the final cut of the video. Other skills I would have needed to acquire would be using the different cameras and equipment for the shoot, and also the ability to work with a whole team and act. The shoot itself was very successful, the group were very organised and everything went to plan. However the editing side of the project didn’t go very well. My organisation and ability to use and understand the software were fairly poor and as a result I didn’t manage to produce a final cut of the shoot.12193736_10153818816207369_5433152983719661881_n


To improve on my organisational skills I need to learn to manage my time more effectively as I feel in a lot of cases this is my biggest downfall. I could do this by preparing my work in advance and starting it much earlier so I’m not rushed, and if any problems were to occur I could address them sooner. Another way to improve your organisational skills could be through managing your work load in a timetable or list, to help see what you have to do visually.

To improve on my practical skills I think the main way to do this would be by simply getting more practice, as it’s the best way to improve on something by getting more experience with it hands on.

To improve on conceptual skills something that could help you to understand your work could be to keep notes of your work so you can revisit them later and still understand what your work is about or what it means. Something else that could help to improve these skills could be by using charts and diagrams to help you understand things clearer and to keep organised. Another way to improve these skills could be through verbal communication as it gives you a first person insight to what you’re learning.