Research Poster – Changed.

After to starting my first attempt at my research poster i decided that it didn’t look the way i wanted it and my design would not be able to fit all the information in that i wanted. Therefore i decided to make a second attempt at starting my research poster. This time i made the poster in a landscape poster in order to maximize the space i had for all of my information.

The design was also more developed compared to the previous one, although it was similar. My design for both have been very basic, as my abilities are limited in such a short space of time, and this is something that i’m dissatisfied about.

Reflecting on this, one of the biggest issues with restarting my work is that i have lost lots of time that i spent doing the other one. This means that my new design could potentially suffer in the long haul as it won’t have as much time spent on it that i would’ve liked. Though this is something that i would consider in the future if i were to do a similar task. I’d ensure that i had planned out my design in advance so i’m not left unorganized when it comes to producing the work.


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