Placement- Laser Tag

Today Ben, Kyle and I both attended another event with The Young Carers charity. This time the event took place at a laser tag event in Mansfield.

The arrangement was the same as last week with the roles we were taking. Upon arrival to the event, whilst the children were prepping for laser tag, we had some time to film another interview. We managed to interview someone who used to participate in The Young Carers programme and who now volunteers for it. This was a great feature to include in the video as it shows just what the charity can do for young people.

After filming this short interview we entered the laser tag arena and filmed some footage and i took some photographs. However due to the conditions of the event it was incredibly difficult to take photographs with is pretty much being in the darkness and the inability to use flash. This meant that almost all of the photographs were unusable. Regardless of this it was still experience in a new condition that was extremely challenging which i enjoyed regardless of the photograph outcomes.

Next time i would try and take different lenses and see if this would improve the ability to photograph in the dark in order to gain better photographs.

(will insert photos at later date).



Placement- Mansfield Folkhouse

Today was the first day of our placement that was taking place at The Folkhouse in Mansfield. This is a youth center where the organisation we were working with is located in Mansfield. We were working with a Nottingham based charity called The Young Carers, who offer help to young children who have a family member that suffers with a physical or mental ailment that they have to care for. The programme offers the children the opportunity to interact with other children who are similar to them and to participate in events that take them away from these extra responsibilities that they face at home.

I worked alongside Michaela, Ben and Kyle on this project with us all photographing and filming the children taking part in one of the event days they offered. Michaela and I focused on the photography aspects whilst Ben and Kyle focused on the filming.

This offered me the opportunity to participate in photographing a real life event which is experience that i am currently lacking so this made for invaluable experience.

Today I did struggle with the equipment that i was using as i really struggled to find settings that would help to better the poor lighting in the venue. I also struggled with the choice of lens (18-55ml) as i feel a wider one would’ve been a better option for this event. If i were to do this again i would ensure that i had appropriate equipment for the event and to make sure that i am more knowledgeable with the camera i have chosen to use to make adjusting the settings easier.