Finishing the teachers pack

Today after receiving some input from the rest of my group I managed to finish the writing for the remainder of the teachers pack. This focused on including some brief information about the castles history in a timeline style, writing up an example itinerary and adding a few things here and there to make sure that it covered everything we wanted to include. After finishing the writing I handed over my information to Harry who had designed the teachers pack so we could finalize it and put it altogether.

I feel like the information I included for the teachers pack was relevant for teachers and for booking a school trip easily.  But however, after researching into other teachers packs, especially those related to other castles, it is apparent that the amount of information in our teacher pack is a lot substantial. This is something i felt like could be improved if i were to do it again. I would do this by doing even more in depth research about teaching packs but also by getting as much information about Nottingham Castle and their relationships with schools from the venue itself as i feel like they could offer me a lot of information that could’ve been helpful and used in this teacher pack. But something to remember is that in those castle teacher packs, the castle was actually a castle, and not a reconstructed ducal palace, so they had a lot more to inform the teachers about in regards to their specific venues.



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