Final Group Meeting

Today our group got to meet for the last time before we present our campaign tomorrow at the Broadway cinema. We used this time to see what everyone had done so far and to offer any criticisms or last minute tweaks to our work. I felt our group worked well with giving critiquing and giving back feedback, and it was very helpful and beneficial for our work. As it’s always good to have a few opinions on what you what you are producing.

Overall I believe that our group could’ve worked a lot better together in this project because there was a huge lack in communication and attendance to timetabled sessions that could’ve massively helped with our work, especially in the earlier days of producing our thoughts and ideas. Next time I would ensure that communication levels are maintained throughout the whole process in order to keep the group on track and to know what work everyone is doing, and to help with feedback. And to also ensure that every group member had an equal amount of work to do, as i feel like i could’ve put more work in if i was given the opportunity to do more.


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