Guest Speaker

Today’s session began very similar to Tuesdays session, where we had the opportunity to give an update on our work, this time to Danny Kaye. In this session we mainly discussed what our visual ideas were and how these could be improved. He also helped giving us advice on how to take good photographs where lighting is limited without increasing the ISO and producing too much colour noise, which was likewise for any filming we had planned. He also gave us some advice on filters to help improve the miserable weather on our filming. This session was very helpful as we learned some new things and can hopefully use some of his advice in our work.

Later on in the day in our second session we had a guest speaker from BBC East Midlands to help us with our videos and our editing. The biggest downside to this session was that both group had not finished filming yet so didn’t have anything to actually show. This meant that we weren’t able to fully take advantage of the session that she was going to provide.However she was still able to give us plenty of advice and tips on creating a good video and allowed us to ask her questions about anything we needed help with. To improve on this session we could have had our footage all filmed and the editing started in order for us to have made the most of the opportunity we had been given. Again this is due to lack of communication in the group and people not regularly attending sessions. We need to ensure that we work to the deadlines that we have set in order for us to be efficient.


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