Filming at Nottingham Castle

Today myself and Jon went to the Castle to do some filming for the video that we will be including as part of the teachers pack that I will be writing. We filmed all over the castle grounds in order to give the editor (Vuyani) enough footage to work with. It is under my observation that a member of the group will be doing some more filming over the weekend as well.

The biggest improvement we could’ve made whilst filming would have been to have a solid and well thought out idea about what we wanted the final video to look like. This really limited us to filming basic shots of the sights, not leaving us with a lot of creativity. The weather was also not at its best but hopefully this can be attended to in post-production. It would’ve also been helpful to have some input from Vuyani on the filming and video as he will be the one editing it. To make the filming easier we could’ve produced some sort of story board that would have allowed us to to know exactly what we wanted to achieve from shooting and filming at the castle. This would have helped us to create a narrative and a good flowing video that would be a lot easier to edit in the long run as we would know exactly what we wanted it to look like. It would’ve also made it easier to actually shoot and to know what kind of shots we needed to achieve whilst at the castle. This is something that could be done in the future if we were to do a similar project or if we were to do any filming. Another improvement would have been to have more than just 2 of us shooting at this time. This would’ve allowed us to shoot with less difficulty and would also get the group more involved.

filming at the castle

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