More Ideas…

In today’s session we got the opportunity to tell jools what work we have done so far and what we were planning on doing this week and for the rest of the time we have. This enabled us to get some advice about our ideas and see if any thing needed to be changed or challenged as an idea. We got to have an in depth discussion about our work and ideas which helped us to see whether some ideas with worth pursing or worth changing.

We also got the opportunity as nearly a full group to get some more ideas together and to start shaping what we want from this work and what we want the final product to look like.

To improve on this session we could have had a lot more work to show for the amount of time we have had, as we are falling behind quite a lot due to lack of communication and lack of attendance to timetabled sessions. We need to ensure that we are communicating more effectively as a team in order to make sure that the work is being completed and not being left till the very last minute due to miscommunication or group members assuming that something has already been done or is being completed by someone else.


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