Finishing the teachers pack

Today after receiving some input from the rest of my group I managed to finish the writing for the remainder of the teachers pack. This focused on including some brief information about the castles history in a timeline style, writing up an example itinerary and adding a few things here and there to make sure that it covered everything we wanted to include. After finishing the writing I handed over my information to Harry who had designed the teachers pack so we could finalize it and put it altogether.

I feel like the information I included for the teachers pack was relevant for teachers and for booking a school trip easily. ┬áBut however, after researching into other teachers packs, especially those related to other castles, it is apparent that the amount of information in our teacher pack is a lot substantial. This is something i felt like could be improved if i were to do it again. I would do this by doing even more in depth research about teaching packs but also by getting as much information about Nottingham Castle and their relationships with schools from the venue itself as i feel like they could offer me a lot of information that could’ve been helpful and used in this teacher pack. But something to remember is that in those castle teacher packs, the castle was actually a castle, and not a reconstructed ducal palace, so they had a lot more to inform the teachers about in regards to their specific venues.



Final Group Meeting

Today our group got to meet for the last time before we present our campaign tomorrow at the Broadway cinema. We used this time to see what everyone had done so far and to offer any criticisms or last minute tweaks to our work. I felt our group worked well with giving critiquing and giving back feedback, and it was very helpful and beneficial for our work. As it’s always good to have a few opinions on what you what you are producing.

Overall I believe that our group could’ve worked a lot better together in this project because there was a huge lack in communication and attendance to timetabled sessions that could’ve massively helped with our work, especially in the earlier days of producing our thoughts and ideas. Next time I would ensure that communication levels are maintained throughout the whole process in order to keep the group on track and to know what work everyone is doing, and to help with feedback. And to also ensure that every group member had an equal amount of work to do, as i feel like i could’ve put more work in if i was given the opportunity to do more.

Updating the teachers pack…

Today I started writing more for the teachers pack, with some useful help from Michaela over our Facebook group. Today I focused on what events Nottingham Castle will have to offer to the schools and students it’s wanting to attract to their venue. I used some of the events they already offer and included our groups event that we had created. This shows the teachers what things Nottingham castle has going on, and also that they seek to include elements of the national curriculum to help guide education and learning in a more active and experienced way.



Today I made a start on writing the information for the A4 teacher pack that is going to be included as part of our work and presentation.

I started off with the basic information about the castle including how to book and how to get to the venue. This information is essential in a teachers pack as it shows them the process of actually booking a trip to the castle which is what the aim of this assignment is.

Although I did some research into teachers packs I found it quite difficult to gather some of the information that i thought was needed to be included. This is because Nottingham Castle doesn’t actually have a teachers pack on their website or at all. I found this out by emailing the education office at the Castle, which showed me that us creating a teachers pack would be very good for the venue, especially if they are wanting to encourage more schools to attend.

Overall i believe I’ve made a good start to the work and hope to develop it over the next few days.

Further Research…

I have been researching into what is typically included in teacher packs that come from institutions when regarding a school trip attending. I have seen that the information provided is in depth and includes everything that a teacher would need to know when wanting to book a trip and if they have already booked one. This will help me to produce my own for this project.

I thought that these examples of teacher packs were very informative and had very good amounts of detail in describing every aspect of the potential school trip. They also offered a brief history of the venue and even included some resources for the teachers to use prior to their visit. I would like to produce something similar to these teachers packs, though I think i will struggle to write as much detail as information on Nottingham Castle is very limited with it being such a small venue compared to some of its national and local competitors.

Filming at Nottingham Castle

Today myself and Jon went to the Castle to do some filming for the video that we will be including as part of the teachers pack that I will be writing. We filmed all over the castle grounds in order to give the editor (Vuyani) enough footage to work with. It is under my observation that a member of the group will be doing some more filming over the weekend as well.

The biggest improvement we could’ve made whilst filming would have been to have a solid and well thought out idea about what we wanted the final video to look like. This really limited us to filming basic shots of the sights, not leaving us with a lot of creativity. The weather was also not at its best but hopefully this can be attended to in post-production. It would’ve also been helpful to have some input from Vuyani on the filming and video as he will be the one editing it. To make the filming easier we could’ve produced some sort of story board that would have allowed us to to know exactly what we wanted to achieve from shooting and filming at the castle. This would have helped us to create a narrative and a good flowing video that would be a lot easier to edit in the long run as we would know exactly what we wanted it to look like. It would’ve also made it easier to actually shoot and to know what kind of shots we needed to achieve whilst at the castle. This is something that could be done in the future if we were to do a similar project or if we were to do any filming. Another improvement would have been to have more than just 2 of us shooting at this time. This would’ve allowed us to shoot with less difficulty and would also get the group more involved.

filming at the castle

Guest Speaker

Today’s session began very similar to Tuesdays session, where we had the opportunity to give an update on our work, this time to Danny Kaye. In this session we mainly discussed what our visual ideas were and how these could be improved. He also helped giving us advice on how to take good photographs where lighting is limited without increasing the ISO and producing too much colour noise, which was likewise for any filming we had planned. He also gave us some advice on filters to help improve the miserable weather on our filming. This session was very helpful as we learned some new things and can hopefully use some of his advice in our work.

Later on in the day in our second session we had a guest speaker from BBC East Midlands to help us with our videos and our editing. The biggest downside to this session was that both group had not finished filming yet so didn’t have anything to actually show. This meant that we weren’t able to fully take advantage of the session that she was going to provide.However she was still able to give us plenty of advice and tips on creating a good video and allowed us to ask her questions about anything we needed help with. To improve on this session we could have had our footage all filmed and the editing started in order for us to have made the most of the opportunity we had been given. Again this is due to lack of communication in the group and people not regularly attending sessions. We need to ensure that we work to the deadlines that we have set in order for us to be efficient.