Final Group Meeting- The Final Touches

Today we met up as a group for the last time before we pitch our presentation and campaign tomorrow. The whole group attended with the exception of one person who didn’t appear to the meeting. We had many discussions about what we had recently done and what we needed to do to get to a place where everything was finished and ready for presenting.

As a group we went through the presentation together to show what Nathan and I had put together. The group offered some alterations and small changes to get it to a standard we were all happy with. We went through each slide individually and said the positives and offered any changes. I felt that as a group we worked well going through the presentation together as we all had similar opinions on what we wanted it to be. Benji was also going to add some research in that he found to do with the audience and our reasoning behind that target audience. Some feedback was also given on the video and a minor change was left to change- the spelling of Derry Shillitto. The only thing that is currently left to do on the presentation is to add screenshots from those who had been editing and designing to webpages and logos.

In my opinion today was a successful day in terms of attendance to the group meeting and our ability to work well with each other and accepting criticisms. In the future I would like to improve on reducing any distractions whilst working and try to focus on the task at hand in order to make the most of the session.

the group going through the presentation together. 




Group Meeting

Today our group decided to meet up again to discuss what we have done and what our progress is on the campaign so far. After revising all of this we decided to get on with some practical work, individually working on our contributions. Nathan and I managed to finish off the presentation with minor changes to be made over the next few days to get it to a standard we want and are agreed on with feedback from the rest of the group.

This group session wasn’t as productive or efficient as previous ones due to a lack of people showing up. This made it hard to keep up to date with what everyone in the group has done so far and what they have left to do and to properly get a plan together for the actual presenting.

To improve on this in the future we could perhaps arrange group meetings at a time where everyone is able to attend and to keep in better communication with certain members of the group as some have been absent from group meetings regularly.