Crowdfunding Perks

During the course of crowdfunding campaigns it is increasingly popular to add some form of perk as an incentive to donate to the cause. This typically means that the pledger will get some form of reward for giving money to the campaign. It’s shown that campaigns that use a system of perks raise 143% more money than those who don’t offer them. So therefore for a campaign to become popular and more successful using perks as a means to stimulate donations is highly beneficial and rewarding.

After doing some research into crowdfunding campaigns it has shown that those who offer a decent enough perk and different levels of donation seem to be more successful. I have found that the most popular amount of money for people to donate is around £10/£20/$25 and is often where the most money is produced. Higher donations with more sophisticated perks (£100) can also be highly valuable with often contributing 30% of income to the final total.

The most popular perks rewards seem to be:

  • a copy or digital version of that they’re selling, eg book or film.
  • becoming a character in their book/film
  • something involving the cast/makers, eg meeting them, being in the show, thank you videos.
  • Simple thanks yous, such as a letter or your name in the credits.

All of these could be used in our campaign.

Crowdfunding perks or rewards – tips


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