Seminar with Alex

In today’s session we had a guest seminar by a past media student who now currently works for makermet, a Nottingham based media and marketing company. He presented us with a small lecture on his approaches to crowdfunding that was very helpful to us as a group as it was very detailed and informative of what to include and what not to include.

After his presentation and brief discussions with each group, he set us a small task that got us thinking about potential donators through the use of creating characters and what their incomes, hobbies, interests are etc in order to help us gain some perspective. This helped us as a group to think about who our audience were and how we would go about aiming this campaign towards them.

We also had a group discussion about what roles we were thinking about taking in the project, this however was not set in stone in today’s session, but will be explored thoroughly over the next couple of days so we know what we all have to do and what our roles will be.


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