Research into Social Media

Social media plays a vital role in helping to boost the profile of a crowdfunding campaign as it’s easy advertisement to thousands and even millions of people online. When used effectively social media can help boost a campaigns visibility online and the amount of people donating, as opposed to just simply advertising through the crowdfunding website. This is because on social media posts or tweets etc are able to be reshared or retweeted so it becomes even more visible to a more widespread group of people as they can then continue to share it on themselves gaining more and more visibility across the internet. It is also claimed that around 30% of initial donations to a campaign come from close family and friends through sharing it on various social media, that then eventually leads to more donations through the aforementioned method of sharing it further.

The social media websites we as a group have decided to use for our crowdfunding campaign are:

  • Facebook (with 1,100,000,000 estimated users)
  • Twitter (with 310,000,000 estimated users)
  • Instagram (with 100,000,000 estimated users)
  • Snapchat (with 100,000,000 estimated users)

We decided on these websites as they are easy to share information on that can be shared to thousands/millions of active users as they are extremely popular websites. We also decided to use snapchat for updates as around 70% of the active users are below the age of 35 which fits in with our target audience for this campaign.


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