Brief description of Boomerang Kids…

Here’s some basic notes of what Boomerang Kids is and some initial thoughts towards our crowdfunding campaign for it.

  • Boomerang Kids is a 6 part comedy web series written by Chloe Kelpin and Pheobe Brown (these will also be the actors) and produced by Derry Shillitto.
  • They are looking to raise £6,000 through crowdfunding to help create the show- with an estimated cost of £1,000 per episode.
  • They would like this to be all finished and shot/edited by mid 2017.
  • Perks for the crowdfunding would include- scripts, props and possible premieres.
  • We are researching into social media to use to help promote the campaign- facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr etc.
  • The target audience we are aiming for is young adults with the possibility of it extending to those middle aged, depending with future research.
  • We will be using a crowdfunding website to pitch the campaign and to collect donations (gofundme, indiegogo etc).
  • We have shot an interview with the producer Derry Shillitto and will be creating a video for the crowdfunding website.

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