Crowdfunding- Research

I decided that it would be a good idea to look at an actual crowdfunding campaign to see what kind of things real campaigns are doing. I came across this crowdfunding campaign for an 80s synthwave movie on IndieGoGo.–2#/

I was incredibly impressed by this campaign, and as soon as i clicked onto the page i was instantly interested by what they had to offer. I noticed that their campaign was very thorough and very detailed, and didn’t miss anything out, including perks, personal profiles and details of the companies involved (graphic designers etc). I’ve noticed a pattern that almost every crowdfunder has a short video clearly visible on the page, and in this campaigns case i was very very impressed with their video. The cinematography and style of the video fitted perfectly with what they were offering.

I was overall incredibly impressed by this campaign and it they definitely showed that they were passionate and determined to make this project a success (more so noted that this was their second campaign as they failed to reach their previous goal with only receiving $90,000).




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