Crowdfunding Websites

With the current module being about crowdfunding campaigns i thought I should research into some crowdfunding websites as it’s something I’ve not previously looked at before now, and I think it will be useful for when we have to write our marketing campaign for Derry Shillitto. I think looking at what options are available will be useful in this future work.

Here are some crowdfunding websites I’ve looked at:

    I thought that kickstarter was very messy to navigate around as the titles and headings aren’t very noticable, so it looks like you’re looking at a blank page initially. However once you navigate past this the layout of the website is simple but very easy to look through, showing you all the relevant information for campaigns in condensed versions so you don’t have to click onto it to see what its about.
    I found that Indiegogo was easy to navigate through and was aesthetically pleasing. However unlike Kickstarter when it comes to browsing through the campaigns they didn’t allow for a lot of information, they only show you a very brief description and the amount they’ve raised so far.
    I found that crowdfunder was extremly similar to Kickstarter in terms of there layout and navigating. But was similar to Indiegogo when searching the projects and only getting a very brief description without clicking onto the page.
    I really like how this website has a navigational bar that has lots of options of different projects such as sports, business and medical etc that are easily accessible. The projects are also fairly easy to browse through, offering a good overview of the campaign for easy viewing.

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