In today’s session we finally got to look through all the footage we filmed for Derry Shillittos crowdfunding campaign.

I haven’t used Adobe Premiere cc before until today so it was a new challenge as they only editing software I’d used previously was avid last year. I managed to sync the audio of one of the footage files, as this was a huge struggle due to lack of a clapper board. I would’ve liked to have done a lot more and got at least all of the footage synced ready for editing and cutting as this would save time later on when it comes to editing some more in my own time.

This footage will be used as part of our work of creating a marketing proposal and website for Derry Shillitto.



Studio session with Derry Shillitto

By the end of today’s session the aim was to successfully carry out a video shoot regarding crowdfunding for Derry Shillitto’s new project of a comedy series featuring two girls. For the shoot I helped to set up the studio including lighting and cameras. I often found myself unsure on what to do due to lack of command by the group leader. Next time i should use my initiative and do what i know needs to be done or doing. During the shoot I was a camera operator.

In order to carry out this shoot successfully and professionally we had to prepare the questions and studio up by ourselves in advance. When it came to my group setting up the studio for the shoot we had some difficulties with organisation, leadership and the equipment itself. This all caused the shoot to be delayed significantly because we were encountering issues that could’ve been avoided if we were more organised prior to the shoot.

The biggest issue we encountered today was problems with the equipment itself. We found that things were missing or we hadn’t booked them out, that cameras weren’t charged and issues with tripods. For the shoot we managed to resolve almost all of these issues, with the exception of having to borrow a camera because one that we booked out had no charge and no charging cable. If we were to do this again, we should book out the equipment prior to the shoot and make sure we have everything we need and that everything works and is prepared for the shoot. This would make the set up of the shoot a lot easier and a lot quicker because in real life this would not be acceptable in a professional environment as we delayed the client and lost time.

Crowdfunding- Research

I decided that it would be a good idea to look at an actual crowdfunding campaign to see what kind of things real campaigns are doing. I came across this crowdfunding campaign for an 80s synthwave movie on IndieGoGo.


I was incredibly impressed by this campaign, and as soon as i clicked onto the page i was instantly interested by what they had to offer. I noticed that their campaign was very thorough and very detailed, and didn’t miss anything out, including perks, personal profiles and details of the companies involved (graphic designers etc). I’ve noticed a pattern that almost every crowdfunder has a short video clearly visible on the page, and in this campaigns case i was very very impressed with their video. The cinematography and style of the video fitted perfectly with what they were offering.

I was overall incredibly impressed by this campaign and it they definitely showed that they were passionate and determined to make this project a success (more so noted that this was their second campaign as they failed to reach their previous goal with only receiving $90,000).



Crowdfunding Websites

With the current module being about crowdfunding campaigns i thought I should research into some crowdfunding websites as it’s something I’ve not previously looked at before now, and I think it will be useful for when we have to write our marketing campaign for Derry Shillitto. I think looking at what options are available will be useful in this future work.

Here are some crowdfunding websites I’ve looked at:

  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/
    I thought that kickstarter was very messy to navigate around as the titles and headings aren’t very noticable, so it looks like you’re looking at a blank page initially. However once you navigate past this the layout of the website is simple but very easy to look through, showing you all the relevant information for campaigns in condensed versions so you don’t have to click onto it to see what its about.
  2. https://www.indiegogo.com/#/picks_for_you
    I found that Indiegogo was easy to navigate through and was aesthetically pleasing. However unlike Kickstarter when it comes to browsing through the campaigns they didn’t allow for a lot of information, they only show you a very brief description and the amount they’ve raised so far.
  3. http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/?utm_expid=73155098-40.yiUNLAlDRCSIqlHBzreA2g.0&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.co.uk%2F
    I found that crowdfunder was extremly similar to Kickstarter in terms of there layout and navigating. But was similar to Indiegogo when searching the projects and only getting a very brief description without clicking onto the page.
  4. https://uk.gofundme.com/?pc=3q_ga_Google-Search-DSA-UK&gclid=CKiMqZXXjdACFQ06GwodDfEP5g
    I really like how this website has a navigational bar that has lots of options of different projects such as sports, business and medical etc that are easily accessible. The projects are also fairly easy to browse through, offering a good overview of the campaign for easy viewing.


A podcast is a digital audio file that you are able to download from the internet onto any media device such as your phone or computer. They typically come in series as opposed to a single broadcast, and subscribers can have these downloaded automatically using an RSS feed.

The term podcast comes from the combining of broadcast and ipod, this is because this was the most popular mp3 device when it became popular. However this doesn’t mean that you can only access podcasts through an ipod they can be accessed through anything.


What is a Podcast?