Blog entry 5 (Career Aspirations)

I’m hoping by the end of my degree to be able to work within the field of photography as I feel this is something that I could progress in, especially through gaining more experience in the real world. During the course of this year I have made some improvements in my skills in working with media. I think one of my biggest improvements would be in my conceptual skills. During one of the first projects of the year, I went into it without thinking about what I was going to do and what I wanted to achieve. This made it very difficult when it came to doing the project because I didn’t know where to start and what I wanted to achieve by the end of it. However on my latest project that I am doing, I have thought creatively about what I want to do, what I want the final outcome to look like and who my audience are. This is something I rarely did at the beginning of this course, and I have seen improvements as the year has passed. My technical skills have also improved greatly this year. Before starting this degree I had little knowledge of any technical skills in relation to media. But compared to the start of the year my technical skills have improved, although far from perfect, I have made a good start in improving my abilities. Unfortunately one skill that I haven’t massively improved on is my organizational skills. This has always been a huge issue for me when it comes to anything, and I’m still yet trying to improve on this. However there are ways that I can improve on this skill, for example, I could start to prepare my work in advance so it gives me more time to work effectively and efficiently and schedule what I have to do and when. One massive thing I feel like I still need to improve on is by being more keen to take on projects and risks and get more involved with my work.


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