Blog entry 3 (Research/Technical)

Before starting this degree my technical skills were very limited, and I believe they still are to an extent. When given a project or design idea my first thought is always regards to the technical aspects and whether I can accomplish them. I don’t really research massively into my technical skills when given work, I just go at it straight on, so still I clearly need to make some massive improvements. However my skills have improved in some way, for example, compared to the beginning of the year I had fairly little knowledge on the aspects of how to work a proper camera, in respects to the aperture and f-stops etc. But now I’m more knowledgeable in these aspects and I can see the improvements in my photographs. Also another issue with my photographs that I feel I now have improved on is how important lighting and exposure is when taking photographs, and this is something I now focus on in order to achieve greater photos.


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