Blog entry 5 (Career Aspirations)

I’m hoping by the end of my degree to be able to work within the field of photography as I feel this is something that I could progress in, especially through gaining more experience in the real world. During the course of this year I have made some improvements in my skills in working with media. I think one of my biggest improvements would be in my conceptual skills. During one of the first projects of the year, I went into it without thinking about what I was going to do and what I wanted to achieve. This made it very difficult when it came to doing the project because I didn’t know where to start and what I wanted to achieve by the end of it. However on my latest project that I am doing, I have thought creatively about what I want to do, what I want the final outcome to look like and who my audience are. This is something I rarely did at the beginning of this course, and I have seen improvements as the year has passed. My technical skills have also improved greatly this year. Before starting this degree I had little knowledge of any technical skills in relation to media. But compared to the start of the year my technical skills have improved, although far from perfect, I have made a good start in improving my abilities. Unfortunately one skill that I haven’t massively improved on is my organizational skills. This has always been a huge issue for me when it comes to anything, and I’m still yet trying to improve on this. However there are ways that I can improve on this skill, for example, I could start to prepare my work in advance so it gives me more time to work effectively and efficiently and schedule what I have to do and when. One massive thing I feel like I still need to improve on is by being more keen to take on projects and risks and get more involved with my work.


Blog Entry 4 (Collaboration)

Working in teams this year has been extremely useful in the sense that it allows more creativity and skills to be combined to produce some really good work. The people that I have worked alongside this year have each had their own particular skills that has made working in teams not only better, but very conscientious. However working in teams doesn’t eliminate any work based issues, but if problems occur the solution can be fixed a lot easier. For example, during one of our projects this year we were struggling to nail down a design idea for a poster, and the team decided that a good way to overcome this would to have multiple designers make different designs based off the initial idea. This allowed us then to physically see designs and choose which we thought would be best, and eliminated any problems with the initial ideas we had.

Blog entry 3 (Research/Technical)

Before starting this degree my technical skills were very limited, and I believe they still are to an extent. When given a project or design idea my first thought is always regards to the technical aspects and whether I can accomplish them. I don’t really research massively into my technical skills when given work, I just go at it straight on, so still I clearly need to make some massive improvements. However my skills have improved in some way, for example, compared to the beginning of the year I had fairly little knowledge on the aspects of how to work a proper camera, in respects to the aperture and f-stops etc. But now I’m more knowledgeable in these aspects and I can see the improvements in my photographs. Also another issue with my photographs that I feel I now have improved on is how important lighting and exposure is when taking photographs, and this is something I now focus on in order to achieve greater photos.

Blog entry 2 (Research/Conceptual)

When it comes to conceptual ideas in relation to my work I don’t do a lot of research into what I’m doing unless it involves technical aspects. However the most common thing I do when I’m given a project and I’m drafting ideas, I usually come up with an idea, and then research into certain aspects of it. For example, one of our first projects was portrait photography. When I was thinking about my initial ideas, for inspiration I looked at other artists work to help me finalise what I wanted to do. However during the year I have improved on these skills and now look more into conceptualising my ideas. On my latest project, I have looked at other artists work, I have also looked at what audience my project should be aimed towards in relation to its context and have also thought about how I want my final designs to look.

Blog entry 1 (what is my practice?)

The practice I’m particularly interested in is photography. This interested sparked after doing a project on portrait photography early on in the course and has since been something I’m keen to develop further. Since starting this degree in September I have learnt many things in regards to this field that have helped me to develop my skills in that area. Throughout the course of the year we have taken part in many projects in relation to our work that have given us the opportunity to focus on specific skills in the area we’re interested in. The portrait photography project has helped me the most as it was the first time I had the opportunity to properly learn about photography and the specifics involved in the camera and with lighting, as this was something I was unclear of before starting the degree. Since this project I’ve not only seen an improvement in my work but in the way I think about all the aspects of trying to take a good photograph.