Another Guest…

In today’s session we had yet another guest lecturer to help us with our campaigns. Part of his job is to help companies with their marketing and advertising so he was able to give us some really good advice and ideas.

Just like the previous guest session we were split into groups and were given the opportunity to talk to the guest as a group. Whilst we waited for our chance to talk we went and watched the first cut of our video. We all discussed our thoughts on what it was like and suggested improvements to be made.

Afterwards we talked to guest where he gave us lots of information and advice about our campaign and about presenting it to an audience. I thought this was extremely helpful and I think we took on board the advice and criticisms well as a group.

Again I thought this session went fairly well as we were focused and took on the advice in a mature way. To improve I think yet again I could engage more with the group and vocalize my ideas and opinions to the group.


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