A guest…

In today’s session we had a guest lecturer come in to talk to us about video production and short films/videos. This was helpful as our team had filmed the footage for our video (advert) yesterday.

The teams were split and were given the opportunity to discuss their ideas with the guest on their own to get advice on their campaign and ideas so far. Whilst the other team were doing this we took the opportunity to talk about our previous ideas more thoroughly again, and talked about how we were getting on with our deadlines and tasks.

This session wasn’t as successful as previous ones as we didn’t have a lot of time to really discuss what we were/had been doing. However our group keep up to date on each others progress via our facebook group which allows us to see what everyone is doing and to discuss what we are/have been doing.


[ Unfortunately for the remainder of this week i was absent due to illness so was unable to provide my ideas in an appropriate format (photoshop). This meant that m ideas wouldn’t be able to have been chosen for the final poster design. To improve on this If i were to do it again, I would try to make it into university regardless of being unwell, and produce the work as I am unable to access Photoshop at home. This means that my contribution to the group was a lot less compared to others. ]


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