Design Ideas!

Today I decided to research into poster designs of other historical attractions in the UK to see what kind of ideas they use to help me with my own designs. Although I decided to use mainly my own ideas as I thought this would allow me to be more creative.

My first design idea was to have Richard III head transparent with photographs of him and the center within his head. With a black background with gold writing and the tagline ” Uncover Our Lost King”.

My second idea was to have Richard III new grave at the bottom of the poster fading up to a black background that would again have the gold writing with the tagline. I thought it would be good to stick to the colour scheme already presented by the center.

To improve on this I could have made these physical designs on Photoshop in order for the group to clearly see and understand what I wanted my designs to look like. However due to illness I was unable to attend university and properly draw out my designs. So in the future I would ensure I had access to Photoshop in case these circumstances a rised again in the future.


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