The Hive!

In today’s session we were in The Hive, where we were split into our teams and were given some help by The Hive’ team, where we told them the ideas we already had and they gave us some help and advice on what to do.

We were then left to our own devices for the remainder of the session. During this time the group decided to develop on the ideas we had made in yesterdays session, mainly focusing on the video for the campaign.

We discussed many different ideas for the video, but started of by looking at who we wanted to target our campaign towards and what we wanted from it. This then helped us to develop our ideas in an appropriate context to our audience. We spent most of the session discussing these ideas and arranged when the edit team were going to shoot the footage and when the first edit was to be made. We also lightly discussed some potential ideas for posters and the social media pages.

Overall I thought today’s session went extremely well as we left feeling confident and organised about our ideas and what we all had to do for our deadlines. I think today’s session could be improved by me getting more involved in the initial discussions, as I was still getting to know a few members of the team. However as the session went on I got more involved, but I still think this could be improved in future sessions.



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