First Day- The Assignment Begins…

It’s the first day back at university after winter break and is now time for the three week assignment with year 2 to start.

In today’s sessions we were introduced to our team members that we will be working with on this assignment. We were given the brief and were told what to expect in the coming weeks building up to the event.

In the next session we were able to meet up properly and get to know each other and help to decide what roles people should be assigned in the project. We did this by asking each other what we thought were our strengths in order to help us determine what roles each member should have. We divided the team into groups focusing on specific aspects of the task- the edit team, design team, graphics team and the social media team. I was placed in the design team with Amy, Catherine and Ben.

We then briefly started discussing ideas and made a very quick and simple mind map of what we were discussing and what our potential ideas could be.

Overall i thought today’s session went really well and that we had made a good start the project as everyone seemed very keen and very organised.


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