The Presentation!!!

Today was the day we presented our campaign and ideas to the other group, guests and the judges at the Broadway Cinema in the Lace Market.

Our group was second to present today and I thought the speakers did very well, and managed to answer the questions at the end fairly well. Although our group didn’t win, I thought we did very well.

To improve on this project I believe we could have done more research at the beginning to help set our project off in the right direction as it took us a few days to get into the swing of things. I would also improve by getting more involved in the project at the beginning, and by voicing my opinions and ideas more to the group.




The Last Day!

Today’s session was the last one before the presentation tomorrow. In today’s session we focused on what needed to be finished off and looked at the actual presentation that we were going to show on the day. We made improvements on this as a group and the speakers had prepared their speeches for rehearsal. We also looked at the final cut for the video and were happy with the way it turned out as criticisms were taken on board. The posters had been printed yesterday in preparation so it wasn’t left last minute.

Overall today the group worked well in ensuring that everything was prepared for the presentation tomorrow. To improve we could have remained more focused on what we had to do, but I think we feel confident about the presentation tomorrow.



Another Guest…

In today’s session we had yet another guest lecturer to help us with our campaigns. Part of his job is to help companies with their marketing and advertising so he was able to give us some really good advice and ideas.

Just like the previous guest session we were split into groups and were given the opportunity to talk to the guest as a group. Whilst we waited for our chance to talk we went and watched the first cut of our video. We all discussed our thoughts on what it was like and suggested improvements to be made.

Afterwards we talked to guest where he gave us lots of information and advice about our campaign and about presenting it to an audience. I thought this was extremely helpful and I think we took on board the advice and criticisms well as a group.

Again I thought this session went fairly well as we were focused and took on the advice in a mature way. To improve I think yet again I could engage more with the group and vocalize my ideas and opinions to the group.

A guest…

In today’s session we had a guest lecturer come in to talk to us about video production and short films/videos. This was helpful as our team had filmed the footage for our video (advert) yesterday.

The teams were split and were given the opportunity to discuss their ideas with the guest on their own to get advice on their campaign and ideas so far. Whilst the other team were doing this we took the opportunity to talk about our previous ideas more thoroughly again, and talked about how we were getting on with our deadlines and tasks.

This session wasn’t as successful as previous ones as we didn’t have a lot of time to really discuss what we were/had been doing. However our group keep up to date on each others progress via our facebook group which allows us to see what everyone is doing and to discuss what we are/have been doing.


[ Unfortunately for the remainder of this week i was absent due to illness so was unable to provide my ideas in an appropriate format (photoshop). This meant that m ideas wouldn’t be able to have been chosen for the final poster design. To improve on this If i were to do it again, I would try to make it into university regardless of being unwell, and produce the work as I am unable to access Photoshop at home. This means that my contribution to the group was a lot less compared to others. ]

Design Ideas!

Today I decided to research into poster designs of other historical attractions in the UK to see what kind of ideas they use to help me with my own designs. Although I decided to use mainly my own ideas as I thought this would allow me to be more creative.

My first design idea was to have Richard III head transparent with photographs of him and the center within his head. With a black background with gold writing and the tagline ” Uncover Our Lost King”.

My second idea was to have Richard III new grave at the bottom of the poster fading up to a black background that would again have the gold writing with the tagline. I thought it would be good to stick to the colour scheme already presented by the center.

To improve on this I could have made these physical designs on Photoshop in order for the group to clearly see and understand what I wanted my designs to look like. However due to illness I was unable to attend university and properly draw out my designs. So in the future I would ensure I had access to Photoshop in case these circumstances a rised again in the future.

The Hive!

In today’s session we were in The Hive, where we were split into our teams and were given some help by The Hive’ team, where we told them the ideas we already had and they gave us some help and advice on what to do.

We were then left to our own devices for the remainder of the session. During this time the group decided to develop on the ideas we had made in yesterdays session, mainly focusing on the video for the campaign.

We discussed many different ideas for the video, but started of by looking at who we wanted to target our campaign towards and what we wanted from it. This then helped us to develop our ideas in an appropriate context to our audience. We spent most of the session discussing these ideas and arranged when the edit team were going to shoot the footage and when the first edit was to be made. We also lightly discussed some potential ideas for posters and the social media pages.

Overall I thought today’s session went extremely well as we left feeling confident and organised about our ideas and what we all had to do for our deadlines. I think today’s session could be improved by me getting more involved in the initial discussions, as I was still getting to know a few members of the team. However as the session went on I got more involved, but I still think this could be improved in future sessions.


First Day- The Assignment Begins…

It’s the first day back at university after winter break and is now time for the three week assignment with year 2 to start.

In today’s sessions we were introduced to our team members that we will be working with on this assignment. We were given the brief and were told what to expect in the coming weeks building up to the event.

In the next session we were able to meet up properly and get to know each other and help to decide what roles people should be assigned in the project. We did this by asking each other what we thought were our strengths in order to help us determine what roles each member should have. We divided the team into groups focusing on specific aspects of the task- the edit team, design team, graphics team and the social media team. I was placed in the design team with Amy, Catherine and Ben.

We then briefly started discussing ideas and made a very quick and simple mind map of what we were discussing and what our potential ideas could be.

Overall i thought today’s session went really well and that we had made a good start the project as everyone seemed very keen and very organised.