My studies this term.

During our first term at university our main focus was on how we, as students, were managing our studies in our own spare time, and within college itself.

I feel that I haven’t managed my studies as well as I should have during this term. I have missed a fairly large amount of sessions and I have been regularly late to sessions. This is not a good representation of managing my studies well, particularly if I don’t attend the sessions every time they are scheduled, or if I am late. This means that I have missed out on some vital and important information and lessons, meaning that I am not fully engaging in my studies. Also I failed to adequately prepare myself for assignments as I would leave some things to the last minute. This means that I’m not making the most of my independent learning time.

To improve on this next term I should start attending all sessions that are scheduled and try to be on time to every session. I could also help my studies by starting my work or research earlier so I have a reasonable amount of time to produce my best work and with the correct information.


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