Photo Workshop- Portraits

The main focus of this session was to teach us about portraiture in photography. We were shown some photos taken by famous photographer and were asked to identify what we liked about the photograph and what we though it meant. We then talked through some of the camera functions that allow you to take good photos, these include the aperture and f-stops.

We were then given a small task to go onto a DSLR simulator to help is familiarise ourselves with these functions on a camera.

After this we were given the opportunity to take some DSLRs out and take some portrait shots- including a wide shot and a close shot. The aim of the photos was for the viewer to get a feel of the person’s character through the pictures that were taken.

I didn’t manage to take a lot of photos or experiment with the different functions on the camera due to the lack of time. To improve on this I’m going to take some portrait photos in my independent learning time to experiment with some different shots, and to help me improve on my abilities with using a camera. I would also like to improve on my confidence when taking photos and to experiment more to try and get different and more unique shots, as I felt my photos lacked any real character.


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