Alexa Hawksworth (Shoot)

On the 28th October 2015 I and others from the course took part in our assignment of filming an artist,, and in this case it was Alexa Hawksworth. The session was observed and we were graded on our abilities to set up lighting, camera equipment and to carry out a shoot.

On the night I was given the role of being on the fig rig handheld camera. This was something I had never done before and not a piece of equipment I was used to handling, for a first attempt at using the hand held camera, I thought it was fairly good.  However some of the footage was out of focus or was unable to be used, so this is something I need to consider in the future, and ensure that my camera is set up appropriately.

To improve on this I could practice using the hand held to greater my abilities and confidence in using it again in the future.

Overall I believe that the shoot went fairly well and we all worked well as a group to carry out the shoot successfully.


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