My studies this term.

During our first term at university our main focus was on how we, as students, were managing our studies in our own spare time, and within college itself.

I feel that I haven’t managed my studies as well as I should have during this term. I have missed a fairly large amount of sessions and I have been regularly late to sessions. This is not a good representation of managing my studies well, particularly if I don’t attend the sessions every time they are scheduled, or if I am late. This means that I have missed out on some vital and important information and lessons, meaning that I am not fully engaging in my studies. Also I failed to adequately prepare myself for assignments as I would leave some things to the last minute. This means that I’m not making the most of my independent learning time.

To improve on this next term I should start attending all sessions that are scheduled and try to be on time to every session. I could also help my studies by starting my work or research earlier so I have a reasonable amount of time to produce my best work and with the correct information.


CUT- editing is done!

Today was out final session at Confetti Studios with Paul, where we were left to our own devices to get our edit of the shoot from a few weeks back done.

I still had a lot of work to complete as I had only properly started getting my edit together last week due to some issues with the programme and my work. This meant that it was vital that I worked hard today in order to get my work complete or to an acceptable level.

I didn’t have many issues with the programme today which meant that I could get a fair amount of work done in the little time I had left. I managed to cut another song, the interview, the outro and the intro. However an error occurred towards the end of the session which meant that the first song I had cut ended up being lost. I was extremely dissapointed as this was my favourite edit that I had done.

I didn’t manage to get the edit complete and put together in time for the deadline. If I was to do this again I would ensure that I had enough time to complete the edit and make sure that nothing is lost due to error. This could be avoided by booking out time to use the editing suite, and by ensuring I know more about the programme so nothing can be lost.

Festive Photos!

In today’s session we had the opportunity to use the photo studio and take photos with the green screens. Our task was to get a group photo or individual photos that would be photo shopped into a festive photo for the Fda Facebook group.

This task was highly enjoyable as it allowed us to be creative and to get the opportunity to work in a proper photo studio. I took all of the photos of everyone individually, and although apprehensive at first, I think I did well considering my lack of confidence in my own abilities behind the camera.

Next time I would like to help edit the photo(s) on Photoshop in order to help improve my skills and abilities in that programme, as I still believe I have a lot to learn in that area.

Photoshop- Cartoons!

On Tuesdays workshop we had another Photoshop session, that primarily focused on making photos look like they have been turned into cartoons.

We were taken through the steps to create an image that looked like a cartoon, and were then left to do one ourselves. I thought this went pretty well considering it was a first attempt and that I don’t have much experience using Photoshop altogether. However this can be improved by practicing the technique in my own time.

During the session we also looked at editing green screen photos. I didn’t do as well on this exercise as I missed a few steps whilst trying to get the images into Photoshop. However this can easily be researched and attempted by using an online tutorial to help me through the steps.

Editing- Alexa Hawksworth

During Fridays session at confetti we are still editing our session from a few weeks back. So far I have found editing using avid media composer to be fairly troublesome, as I have faced some difficulties with the programme responding.

This week however, these issues were resolved through the guidance of Paul, and it appeared that my hard drive was causing issues with the programme and the multi-cam mode we were using to edit the session. This caused my footage and audio to not sync correctly and wasted invaluable time, as I tried to get it to sync up correctly.

After the issue was resolved and another method of editing was used, I managed to cut the first song for the final edit. However this has left me with very little time to complete the final edit, so next week I’ll have to work extremely hard to get it finished before the deadline.

Photo Workshop- Portraits

The main focus of this session was to teach us about portraiture in photography. We were shown some photos taken by famous photographer and were asked to identify what we liked about the photograph and what we though it meant. We then talked through some of the camera functions that allow you to take good photos, these include the aperture and f-stops.

We were then given a small task to go onto a DSLR simulator to help is familiarise ourselves with these functions on a camera.

After this we were given the opportunity to take some DSLRs out and take some portrait shots- including a wide shot and a close shot. The aim of the photos was for the viewer to get a feel of the person’s character through the pictures that were taken.

I didn’t manage to take a lot of photos or experiment with the different functions on the camera due to the lack of time. To improve on this I’m going to take some portrait photos in my independent learning time to experiment with some different shots, and to help me improve on my abilities with using a camera. I would also like to improve on my confidence when taking photos and to experiment more to try and get different and more unique shots, as I felt my photos lacked any real character.

Alexa Hawksworth (Shoot)

On the 28th October 2015 I and others from the course took part in our assignment of filming an artist,, and in this case it was Alexa Hawksworth. The session was observed and we were graded on our abilities to set up lighting, camera equipment and to carry out a shoot.

On the night I was given the role of being on the fig rig handheld camera. This was something I had never done before and not a piece of equipment I was used to handling, for a first attempt at using the hand held camera, I thought it was fairly good.  However some of the footage was out of focus or was unable to be used, so this is something I need to consider in the future, and ensure that my camera is set up appropriately.

To improve on this I could practice using the hand held to greater my abilities and confidence in using it again in the future.

Overall I believe that the shoot went fairly well and we all worked well as a group to carry out the shoot successfully.