Research Poster-Finished!

Today i finished off my research poster to the best standard that i could considering my lack of time and lack of knowledge and experience in this sort of task. Overall i am not satisfied with my research poster design as i feel that it is very basic and very plain. However given my lack of knowledge of creating posters on Photoshop i’ll give it a credible first attempt.

If i were to do create something like this again i would ensure that i had plenty of time to learn and develop my skills more advanced on this software in order to give me the best chance of producing a great piece of work that i am happy with. I would also ensure that i planned exactly what i wanted my design to look like prior to starting the work as this would help me to know exactly what i needed to do and exactly what i needed to learn in order to create it.


Editing my final images for the competition brief

Today i did some minimal editing to the final images that i will be using for my negotiated project. As the brief specified that we could only do slight adjustment to our images i tried to keep to that as much as i could by focusing on only really editing the exposure and contrast to help enhance the images more.

As this is something that i’m still developing, i was happy with the way my images turned out. In the future, if i were to do something like this again i would like to develop my skills on Photoshop further and do some more challenging editing to further develop my skills that will hopefully help me with future work.


Research Poster – Changed.

After to starting my first attempt at my research poster i decided that it didn’t look the way i wanted it and my design would not be able to fit all the information in that i wanted. Therefore i decided to make a second attempt at starting my research poster. This time i made the poster in a landscape poster in order to maximize the space i had for all of my information.

The design was also more developed compared to the previous one, although it was similar. My design for both have been very basic, as my abilities are limited in such a short space of time, and this is something that i’m dissatisfied about.

Reflecting on this, one of the biggest issues with restarting my work is that i have lost lots of time that i spent doing the other one. This means that my new design could potentially suffer in the long haul as it won’t have as much time spent on it that i would’ve liked. Though this is something that i would consider in the future if i were to do a similar task. I’d ensure that i had planned out my design in advance so i’m not left unorganized when it comes to producing the work.

Photoshop experiment two

On my second attempt at using Photoshop to ‘touch up’ my images I decided to try something different and attempted my first attempt at changing the hair colour on a portrait. I did this by following a written tutorial that had images to assist. This allowed me to produce a first attempt at re-colouring, which wasn’t the best attempt, but is something I can improve on as I practice more with Photoshop. Here are my results- As you can see it is bit untidy and this is something I need to work on to make it look more natural in the future.

Shooting for competition brief

Today I went out into Nottingham to take some images for the competition brief i have chosen by the Young Creative Awards. The brief wanted images of Nottingham as a ‘future city’ and so i went out with the aim of collecting images that reflected my own interpretation of this meaning. I focused on capturing images that showed developments that were currently occurring in Nottingham in the present day, as this is what my creative intentions were for the project.

Software experiment one

For my first experience with using Photoshop I decided to research some basic ‘touch up’ written tutorials, which is tagged under this section on the page to the right. I came across this PDF with some helpful walk throughs of some basic editing tools. In this case I decided to use the healing tool on this woman to remove some blemishes and wrinkles and brightened the image in order to give the woman a more natural and youthful look.

I am happy with my first attempts outcome of using some of the basic editing tools. As I experiment more with this software I aim to create much better edited photos and to experiment with different tools to see what kind of outcomes I can come up with that will hopefully help me to develop my skills much more.

In this photograph I used to the healing tool and the image adjustments section to help brighten the photo by changing the exposure and the contrast and editing the colour slightly.